About Me

If you’re reading this you probably already know who I am and why I’m here. However, if you’ve somehow stumbled up my page or have been directed to it by someone, allow me to introduce myself.

37127043_10216395252451569_404366961850449920_oMy name is Philip. I am a subdeacon and in priestly formation so that I may serve in the  Saint Nicholas Eparchy (Chicago) of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the United States.  Since I do not have any Ukrainian family or ancestry and pretty much never heard any Ukrainian until I was 21, I did not speak  Ukrainian when I entered seminary. Because the Ukrainian Catholic Church has many recent immigrants who need ministry in their spoken language, I need to know Ukrainian to be able to function as a priest in our Church. Thus, I am currently living in Ukraine at Holy Spirit Seminary of the Archeparchy of L’viv for an extended period of linguistic, cultural, and ecclesiastical immersion.

I decided to write this blog with the hope that it could be the equivalent of the occasional letter home to my friends and family with whom I wish I could better keep in touch. Everyone back home is continually so very supportive of me, this is the least I can to do say “thank you.” That being said, my postings are not on any schedule, and will likely prove to be irregular at best. I hope that my occasional musings and stories, paired with my pictures, may prove somewhat edifying and convey at least a part of  the experiences that I have had.

I was given a camera so that I could take decent photographs of my time here. I take photos of beautiful things and things that interest me. So far, it’s mostly churches and monasteries, with a little bit of the Ukrainian landscape. I’m continually uploading those photos to a public-accessible album on Facebook which you can view on the photos tab.

Please pray for me,

Philip, a subdeacon